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Vedic Vaastu Shastra
16 Jun 2001

Mr. Rajesh Lolienkar ( Master of Engineering), Consulting Engineer and Vaastu Consultant.
Panaji , Goa.
Res. Phone : 220346 ( Before 9.00 a.m and after 9.00 p.m 
Mobile        : 9823170719

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VAASTU SHASTRA has its practical application at every stage from planning to the completion of any structural unit such as Residential , Industrial, Commercial, Institutional , community Centres , Sport Complexes etc.  

1.        Environmental surroundings of the plot.
2.        Selection of plot.
3.        Projection and extension in different directions.
4.        Slope of the plot.
5.        Direction of plot.
6.        Soil investigation.
7.        Water Sources.
8.        Right of way
9.        Placement of main gate.
10.   Placement of different rooms as per direction etc.

1.        Selection of plot.
2.        Shape of the plot.
3.        Orientation of Main Building.
4.        Placement of Generator and Electrical controls.
5.        Placement of Boilers.
6.        Placement of all industrial units such as production, storage, purchase etc.
7.        Placement of main Entrance and car parking.
8.        Landscaping.
9.        Security cabin.
10.   Placement of water sources etc.

Practicing the concept of Vaastu can give you benefits and you can experience thing move as you plan and wish to.  Application of this concept can give results such as: -

1.     Harmonious Surrounding Environment
2.     Improved health condition
3.     Efficient Product utility.
4.     Increased work efficiency and enthusiasm.
5.     Improve decision making
6.     Increase of turnover and profits
7.     Healthy production line
8.     Increased coordination and work environment.
9.     Improved Financial status.
10. Overall development

In short I would like to mention with confidence that application of Vaastu concept to our dwelling can give results in months and one can experience the pleasure of happy and healthy life and surrounding environment.

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