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For the Health of Your Buildings!

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science for construction of premises based on the forces and elements of nature. We can harness these positive energies and vibrations once the Vastu Shastra principles are incorporated within our homes and commercial work premises. This leads us to an atmosphere and environment where we experience harmony, peace, good health and success. Infact, it is believed that two of the biggest symbols of Power, the White house and the 10 Downing Street Residence of the British PM, follow principles of Vastu.

Here are a few Guidelines to maintain the "health" of your buildings

The North East area should be kept clean and open to the sky. Underground water in this area will be an added advantage to ensure financial and family growth.

The presence of Agni in Agni Moola, the South East area, will avoid troubles in the family and at work.

Proper maintenance of the South-West area, the Kubera Moola, is a must.

The North West area, the Vayu Moola, should be open to the sky. Improper maintenance of this area may lead to quarrel, litigation and misunderstanding.

The Main Door

There is a wrong notion among people that it would always be better to fix the main door at the middle portion of the front side. Suitable and unsuitable positions for placing the main door are as shown in the figure.The green and red dots represent suitable and unsuitable positions. .

Written by : Vastu Expert, Pandit T Subhramaniyan Ph : 044-6266441

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