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11 April 2002
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Planning a Home

Building your own home is the experience of a lifetime. You invest your life's savings in it and as each brick is laid with cement and mortar, you can see the home of your dreams taking shape before your eyes.

To make your home a pleasure to look at and live in, you need a good plan that not only considers how your home looks but also takes care of practical needs. You may need an extra balcony to dry clothes. Or you may need space to park a two-wheeler. The right plan will cover every special need and help you build the best home within your budget.

Take your pick from a range of 20 attractive home plans. The plans have been carefully designed to suit Indian conditions and take into account different plot shapes and sizes as well as varying budgets. These plans and designs will help you visualise your home, while giving you an indication of costs.

With this as a basis for preliminary discussions, call on your architect / designer. Your architect/designer can reconfigure and provide you with blue-prints to give your home your true, distinct identity.

Where to Buy

Location of a property is one of the major deciding factors for a home buyer. There are a number of ways in which one can look at locations for suitable accommodation. One of them is the availability of facilities and infrastructure in the neighbourhood. A daily market has to be nearby. A doctors' clinic or a polyclinic is a definite advantage. For people without a car, bus stops, termini and/or local rail station are plus points. A playground or a park would be a great attraction if you have small children and elderly members in the family. Post offices and banks should also be in close proximity.

Talking about infrastructure, the area must have proper drainage, sewerage and water supply systems. If you opt for a large housing complex, then an exclusive water supply system in the form of deep tubewells is an added advantage. There should also be a system of garbage disposal.


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