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11 April 2002
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There are many important criteria for choosing and buying a residential property. The normal practice is to scan newspaper advertisements and enquire about properties that seem to be right. The location must be right and the price affordable.

The list of unanswered questions is pretty long.

At the back of your mind is a nagging doubt - have you made the right choice? What about the quality of construction? Is the builder's reputation in doubt? Are there any hidden costs? Is the title of the land clear?

With so many questions and their answers often going a begging, as a serious buyer you cannot help but wonder whether there is or there can be a system of assessing and grading properties.

In our endeavour to identify the assessment criteria for residential properties, we have narrowed in on a number of important aspects that are critical to property buyers. Our list is neither exhaustive nor final. It is possible to revise or add to the list depending on your requirement. 

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