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How to Work with your INTERIOR DESIGNER
14 Jul 1999

This article has been submitted by Akar Interior Designers who are well known interior designers in Goa . Sydney & xxx have been in this have been in this business for xx years and have completed many prestigiuos projects.

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The independent designer makes his profit in one of the three ways . The first and most customary way is to buy everything at a discount and charge you the retail prices. Two other billing procedures are based on the cost of everything to the decorator plus either a pre arranges percentage of that cost or a flat fee for the entire job.
      You Also pay : A designer's out of pocket expenses for travel and so on; Any sales taxes, shipping ,trucking ad storage charges; the price of blueprints; renderings and models; the cost of any revisions or changes you may make in your order after it's places; and fees for supervision beyond the amount the decorator deems reasonable for the successful completion of your job. In spite of such stand and practices , however, you may still discover that one interior designer will give you an estimate of say R s. 50,000/- and another name twice the price. The difference more often lies in the quality of the furnishings than the quality of the taste. A clever designer can use such elements as colour scale and surprise to great effect. You pay for only the cost of average furnishings and the priceless ingredient of invention is thrown in for free!! 

       In paying designer's bill, installments are usual. You pay concept fee at the beginning after you have decided what you want and your designer has drawn up an itemized estimate (not  a contract. As many prices cannot be guaranteed at this time). You pay another installment once the work commences, and the next ones sometime later - and the balance on completion. But arrangements for payment differ and the one way to be sure to ask.

        Many independent designers and store decorating services give professional advice for a fee based on the time involved. It is money well spent if you want to as certain an interior designer's customary price bracket and get a knowledgeable opinion about probable expenses. Should you subsequently decide to give the consultant your job, the fee for the first discussion will be credited to your account.

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