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How to Work with your INTERIOR DESIGNER
14 Jul 1999

This article has been submitted by Akar Interior Designers who are well known interior designers in Goa . Sydney & xxx have been in this have been in this business for xx years and have completed many prestigiuos projects.

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A designer however cannot read your mind. As a result of experience and observation , he may deduce that you prefer cool elegance to informal charm, or Gregorian to Louis XV , but that would only be an educated guess . He cannot be sure of the way you and your family like to live , and he most definitely needs to be clued in on personal idiosyncrasies , such as dislike for all oriental design.
        An interior designer cannot see your bank account and decide how much you can afford to spend. He cannot foresee the possible snags that may come up in connection with the job. He may take the greatest precaution , but events and incompetence beyond his control - delayed deliveries, discontinued items - can upset the most carefully calculated timing and budget.
         Before you start looking for a designer , you should understand the distinction between an independent and one who is affiliated with a large department or furniture store. Each offers you certain conveniences . Thus , an independent interior designer may work on his own or be the head or a member of a decorating establishment . He or she goes to your house or apartment to size up exactly what you need and want and to supervise the job until it's completion . He works your floor plans , obtains material samples. He takes or sends you to decorator showrooms, antique shops and other places, to look at furnishings he thinks will be suitable , or he helps you make selection from the pictures in catalogues.
       Among the independent designers , A one-man or one-woman operation is usually highly personal and often outstandingly good . But be very sure of your choice before you use a designer who has no office at all. In some communities, it is still all to easy for a rank amateur to assume the title , 'Interior Designer'

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