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How to Work with your INTERIOR DESIGNER
14 Jul 1999

This article has been submitted by Akar Interior Designers who are well known interior designers in Goa . Sydney & xxx have been in this have been in this business for xx years and have completed many prestigiuos projects.

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Anyone Can Furnish a Room: There's no trick to that .To Decorate a room is something else again, and the difference is not one of Aesthetics alone. Comfort , Suitability, Individuality must all be inherent in a room to make it really satisfying. To integrate shapes and materials , colors and patterns , light and shadow , in such a manner that they create a livable and personable environment for the client is the Decorator's goal. But he can reach it only if you know how to work with him in the right way. That way begins long before you begin to discuss your wants.First,you need a knowledge of what these professionals can do for you, How they differ, and what they cost. The next step is to find the decorator who can best interpret your wishes at your price, because you cannot work the right way with the wrong person

A Trained decorator ( and no others are worth discussing ) is more accurately an interior designer -- A Definitive title you should be aware of, whether you use it or not, many house painters, furniture salesman and managers of slipcover workrooms call themselves Decorators.  But Interior Designers are professional men and women, qualified by education and experience to create interiors . They work under exacting standards .

An interior designer can assemble and put together all or part of the furnishings of any room and interpret all periods of design, although he ( or she ) may prefer one to another and be better known for his favorite. He can begin with empty space or make the most of you favourite possessions by giving them a new setting,redesigning furniture that warrants it,having other pieces refurnished or reupholstered . he can design furnishings to eet specific situations or create special effects . And his designing ability is not  limited  to  furnishings alone . A Professional  interior  desinger  is competent to design closets,lightings,bookcases and other installations . 

An Interior Designer can save yu endless footwork,because he knows exactly where to find anything you want . Furthermore,his field of choices is much broader than yours,because some of the most distinguished furnishings are available only through designers. A designer also knows the reliable workrooms.Some of which cater exclusively to the decorating trade.You can rarely,on your own,get the same quality of labour and services that is available to professionals or expect the same loyalty.

Finally,A reliable designer makes himself responsible for everything connected with your job. Such assurances work a good deal for peace of mind alone

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